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Construction of Civilized Ecology
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Tang Dengjie, governor of Fujian Province, went to work in the southeast of copper.

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        In May 22nd, the Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee of Fujian province and Tang Dengjie, the governor of the provincial government, led the Provincial Committee and the provincial government inspection team to the 400 thousand tons of copper smelting projects in the southeast copper industry of China aluminum. Fujian province led Wang Ning, Zhou Lianqing, Wang Hongxiang, Zheng Jianmin, Wei Keliang, Fuzhou, Putian, Nanping, Pingtan comprehensive experimentation area and other city party and government leading leaders, provincial department responsible comrades, Ningde mayor Guo Xiwen and so on to participate in the investigation and inspection.
        Tang Dengjie, the governor, inspected the construction site of the copper smelting base in the southeast copper industry, and listened carefully to the report on the basic situation, the project characteristics, the environmental protection level and the progress of the project, and carefully asked the company to make a good "three major battles" and promote the high quality development and fall. The situation of carrying out the work of ensuring the safety and environmental protection, improving the life of the employees and promoting the strict administration of the party is carried out, and the situation of implementing the project to carry out the nineteen major spirit of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era of Xi Jinping and the important spirit of the general secretary Xi Jinping on the work of Fujian is thoroughly examined. Tang Dengjie said that the China Aluminum southeast copper industry should bear in mind the mission of the Chinese aluminum industry, build a world-class copper smelting benchmarking enterprise, and implement the economic responsibility, political responsibility and social responsibility of the central enterprises.
        The head of the southeast copper industry of China said that the company resolutely carried out the socialist ideology of the Chinese characteristics of the new era of Xi Jinping, and did not forget the initial heart, keep in mind the mission, carry forward the spirit of dripping through the stone, guarantee the safety, quality and environmental protection, and do well in the construction of the project, and firmly implement the strategic cooperation between the China Aluminum Group and the Fujian Provincial Committee and the provincial government. Make an intention to contribute to the local economy.
        It is reported that the Fujian provincial Party committee and the provincial government have continuously carried out the mid year inspection for 9 years, commonly known as "Zai Lian". By looking at the project, developing the theory and evaluating the train of thought, we should start from the reality, encourage the actual strength, make practical efforts, and see the actual results. The leaders of Fujian province have fully affirmed the achievements of the general secretary of the Ningde municipal practice, "more than a few big projects, more than a few gold dolls", expedite the requirements of the leap forward development, carry out the new development concept, make big leading industrial clusters and promote the development of high quality, and put forward requirements for the future development.

(Chai Yu performance in southeastern copper industry)