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China Aluminum southeast Copper Co., Ltd. successfully held "copper core copper Germany, chess win" chess competition

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        On the occasion of the May 1 International Labor Day, in order to further enrich the amateur cultural life of the staff and workers, and to stimulate and guide the staff to invest with full enthusiasm and high effort into the final victory stage of the "6.30" project construction, the "copper heart copper Germany", which was carried out by the Party group work department group, was carried out in April 28th. The staff chess competition was successfully held on the first floor of the staff canteen.
        With the theme of "playing chess, playing in it, working nervously, happy life", the company's various departments and training teams selected 125 players in the early stage to compete in three kinds of games of Chinese chess, checkers and Gobang. After preliminaries, semi-finals, finals, each category of chess matches were awarded the first prize 1, the two prize 3, the three prize 4 and the commemorative prize 8.
        Before the competition, the head of the party and Group Work Department explained the original intention and expected effect of the competition and gave a safety notification. During the competition, all the contestants do their best, and those who are not sure have them. After the competition, the party and group work department awarded prizes to all the winners and took a group photo. (Peng Ru)