China Copper




        China Copper southeast Copper Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the company) was registered in December 31, 2015. The company has established the "copper smelting base project cooperation agreement" (hereinafter referred to as "the agreement") signed by the people's Government of Fujian province and China Aluminum Industry Group Co., Ltd. in September 2015. The agreement agreed that the two sides should jointly invest in the establishment of a joint venture to build a 400 thousand ton copper smelting project. The company has 7 departments: Comprehensive Office (board of directors Office), human resources department, finance department, planning and management department, Ministry of safety and environmental protection (Ministry of security), party and group work department (Union Office), discipline inspection and supervision department (audit department); 6 centers: Marketing Center, production technology center, equipment worker There are 6 sub factories: Cheng center, quality inspection center, maintenance control center and storage center: smelting plant, refinery, electrolysis plant, sulfuric acid plant, slag dressing plant and power plant.

        The Ningde copper smelting project is located in the Zhangyuan Port Industrial Zone Metallurgical Industry Park in Ningde City, Fujian Province, next to the San Du Ao port area. The port has obvious advantages in transportation and storage. The project is the key project of China Aluminum Group and Fujian province. The construction scale is 400 thousand tons of high pure cathode copper and 1 million 460 thousand tons of sulfuric acid. The annual treatment of copper concentrate is about 1 million 800 thousand tons; the area covers an area of more than 1300 mu, and the total investment is about 5 billion yuan. The main contents of the project are as follows: ten major areas: raw material entry, storage and transportation of raw materials, smelting and blowing and refining, electrolysis, sulphuric acid, slag selection, automation information system, office and living facilities, public engineering (containing oxygen station), general map and transportation.

        The project adopts oxygen enriched and intensified smelting technology, with advanced and reliable technology, good environmental protection effect, low energy consumption, high production efficiency and high automation.

        The project was put on trial in June 30, 2018, and the sales revenue reached about 20 billion yuan per year. At the same time, it can create nearly one thousand local jobs. The following enterprises will also develop and cooperate with other enterprises in the upper, lower and comprehensive utilization aspects to further promote the economic growth of the surrounding regions, and make positive contributions to the transformation, structure adjustment and upgrading of the industrial transformation and upgrading of the China Aluminum Group and Fujian province.